A guide to choosing a bookmaker without a local licence

Do you want to bet abroad but don’t want to take risks with a bookmaker that doesn’t have a gambling licence? Find out how to bet safely and without a local licence!

Bookmakers with a licence outside the country : what the law says

In terms of the law, you aren’t risking anything which means that you’re entitled to place bets with operators who have a license issued from Curacaos or Gibraltar, for example. It is the bookmaker who is breaking the law and who is taking all the risks because they don’t have a licence in the country where you live but they choose to accept you anyway. Many international bookmakers will not accept you, but those who do are assuming all the risk for you.

On the other hand, when it comes to your money that’s when you should start to worry! In fact while the government may not be very efficient at monitoring all the bookmakers within their jurisdiction, it has no power at all over other bookmakers worldwide. So the responsibility becomes yours.

The Hammer of Justice

You can be sure, however, that the situation is no different with national bookmakers because it is not the government’s job to defend bettors who are in dispute with a bookmaker. However, the difference lies elsewhere. Given the very tight sports betting market in your country, you might be surprised at the hundreds and hundreds of bookmakers who are now ready their doors to you by throwing money in your face and offering bonuses in hopes that you’ll choose them.

But don’t be in too much of a rush because now the game is on. Perhaps you still remember your initial hesitation when, as a young and green punter, you registered with your first bookmaker following your cousin’s advice. And then, your cousin’s valuable advice got lost in an avalanche of reviews and headlines written in capital letter boasting the merits of this or that bookmaker, each one trying to convince you that they’re the one you need. Except that they all never say it in the same words and often contradict themselves or try to steal the spotlight.

How to choose a bookmaker that gives you access to global markets

It’s very simple. First, only choose known bookmakers. Don’t tempt fate by choosing an unknown bookmaker. Always be on your toes because bookmakers dangle bonuses to get you to their sites. But what is one bonus worth over a gambler’s entire career? While this may help you get a good start, it can often end up badly.

Indeed, many bookmakers offer you an amazing entry bonus, sometimes offering to double your first bet, for example. But make sure to look at the fine print; they may never want to let you leave again. The same thing goes even for more famous bookmakers.

The simplest alternative is still the following. For gambling on sites that don’t have a licence in your country, there’s a simple solution, a path that’s already been laid, a road that you should never take your eyes off of and which will help you avoid countless mishaps. Whatever your goals are as a punter, get yourself a broker. Are you just starting out and don’t want to bet too much? Choose a less expensive broker like Asian connect, which is quite easy to use and is one of the safest around.

Screen of selection offered by AsianConnect

The selection from the most reliable broker in sports betting: AsianConnect

There are really only two reputable bookmakers, Pinnacle and Sbobet. However, two bookmakers will be enough if you are a novice on the global market. It will allow you to get your feet wet and help you tell the difference between those offers that are too tempting and those that are really exciting. And when you’re done trying it out and want to bet more in order to win more, you’ll then need to consider switching to a broker that offers more freedom, like BetInAsia.

This broker gives you access to close to 20 bookmakers, each one safer than the other, who will welcome you with open arms. Sure, this wiggle room is more limited than if you were abroad, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have no intention of moving to Australia to earn a living. Don’t hesitate to follow international tipsters to save time, because if you want to play safely while increasing your winnings, this is really the way you should go.

My picks for bookmakers not subject to government regulation:

Operator Abstract Discover
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This sports betting site is an international giant and is the only one to accept all punters (except from the U.K. and the U.S.) without a VPN. They have super odds, high limits, a wide selection, eSports, and withdrawals are processed in three days (CB and bank transfer) Learn more
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This broker, in addition to offering a Pinnacle and Orbit (Betfair market) account, also gives users access to BLACK software which picks the best odds in real-time from among the largest operators (+15). Learn more
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This is is a credible broket who’s also the most widely known and recognized. Pinnacle, Orbit (Betfair market), multi-bookmakers tool. Perfect for starting out and if you have a Neteller account. Learn more

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